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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a mix of absolute terror and complete exhilaration, both at the same time. It almost seems custom that once you have one bungee under your belt, people do go back for more and (much like our national dish) it is something people either seem to love or hate.

Scotland is home to the UK's only permanent bungee centre which might surprise a lot of people. There are travelling bungee jumps throughout the UK but this makes it far harder to plan in advance. The bungee centre is called Highland Fling and has two venues with the first venue being over a valley in the scenic county of Perthshire.

At 40 metres it is a great first bungee and with it being in Perthshire you are already at the gateway to the Highlands. The Titan Crane (the icon crane on The Clyde in Glasgow) is home to an urban bungee jump which at 50 metres is 10 metres more than the Perthshire bungee.

Experience Mad

Bungee jumping in Perthshire and Glasgow.

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