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Glamping is great fun, whether you pick a yurt, a tent or a teepee and it brings camping to those who don't do camping. Yurts are a popular option for glampers and they are tradition circular shelters that originated in central Asia. Alot of the time they will include a wood stove and are an incredibly comfortable way to camp and a great way to experience the wilderness of Scotland.

Teepees are another great option and are similar to yurts but cone shaped and often will have a wood burner in the center. Although they are not traditionally Scottish they do provide an amazing and distinctive environment to wake up in. And of course there is always the tradition tent for the purists out there. TripAdvisor is a good place to look for glamping options.

Glamping is also a great way to experience the Northern Lights or experience the rugged landscape of the Highlands, and some even come with a hot tub. There is a very cool article on Buzzfeed which shows some fun, quirky and unusual glamping venues. There is also a handy app called Welcome to Scotland which is great for finding attractions based on your location.

Glampotel Dundas Castle

Upmarket Tent within castle grounds near Edinburgh.

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Cambo Country Estate

Upmarket Tent within castle grounds near St Andrews.

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