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Water Sports

Whether it be sailing, rafting, kayaking or surfing, Scotland has it all in abundance. With so many lochs, rivers and coast line water sports are a very popular activity in Scotland and with a prominent area of Glasgow being known as The Merchant City the ties to the water are huge. The main body for water sports in Scotland is The Royal Yachting Association and this is the body that sets the standards for teaching and safety.

For sailing, a popular pick is Port Edgar and from there you can sail around the world famous Forth Railway Bridge. With it being in a tidal estuary with hills on both sides it also makes for some pretty fun and challenging sailing. It is also a good base for sea kayaking, but with so many rivers and lochs there are options for any ability.

Many people are surprised that surfing is popular in Scotland but with its exposed location it gets much of the brunt of the Atlantic Ocean and is fairly reliable for good waves. It is possible to do a surf camp and if you can surf the rough waters of Scotland, you can surf anywhere.

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