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Travelling Scotland in a camper-van is a great way to explore this county. With freedom camping becoming increasing popular, it can also be an economical was to travel. Having transport is also very useful when up in the Highlands as it gives extra flexibility to explore.

Travelling by camper-van gives you a lot of freedom to explore and it is entirely customisable to your specific interests. The tourist board have an application for planning a journey called the Scotland road trip guide and this is a great starting point for any trip. If you are planning a trip to Scotland, this is definitely a good component but is less convenient in the main Cities.

It is possible to rent the classic VW camper van which is an extremely quirky and cool vehicle to be able to hire and adds that little something extra to the whole experience. For those who enjoy more modern comforts, it is also possible to a modern camper-van and this may make for a easier drive.

Vintage Campers

Vintage campers with bases near Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Spaceships Rentals

Modern campers with a base in Edinburgh.

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